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Want a life well-lived? Need to progress and can’t find ways to do it? Fancy uncovering other skills?  

Our specialism: championing the talents and rights of neurominorities (clients with dyslexia/dyspraxia/ADHD/autism spectrum conditions) in the workplace and education.

Neurodivergent people are likely to represent over 10% of the population, meaning that more than 1 in 10 staff, customers or job applicants are likely to be neurodivergent in some way. Proactive building of neurodiverse teams is not only the task of a responsible employer but also believed to be the competitive advantage for a progressive organisation (CIPD, 2018).

We are enhancement experts. We find your growing edge, and harness the power of your difference so that it plays a powerful role in your success.  We can help individuals and their organisations work in partnership with neurological difference in order to be the difference and, ultimately, make a difference.


  • Neurodiversity Coaching (Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, AD(H)D, Autistic Spectrum Conditions) (DSA for university study coaching and Access to Work funded for Work-based strategy training) 
  • Executive coaching/mentoring
  • Personal development coaching
  • Study coaching
  • Disability Awareness training

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Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (2018) Neurodiversity at Work. CIPD, London