Turning 2020 into a year of Marvel

Why am I showing a Captain Marvel suit and writing about 2020 and new year in February? Because I reckon some of you saw New Year 2020 and thought you’d pledge something like learn Finnish, or start writing your memoirs, probably. Actually, new decade…so you were going to write your memoirs in Finnish.

Come on, new year’s resolutions are so last year. I gave up on them a few years back. I realised that I couldn’t even commit to a SMART target of flossing once a week. And as for salsa, well, I was basically making a resolution to make a resolution about salsa. Waste. Of. Time.

Resolutions are all about planning, time management and organisation. Plus some hearty dreaming. My work with neurodivergent clients looks at issues like these. Every task can feel like a new year’s pledge about to be lost and it compounds an already precariously balanced sense of self-esteem.

2019 I did it all different; with the new year stuff being less about January itself. I had an idea how I wanted me to be by the time December came. Even made these details into a list. Then each month, on my planner, I plotted out the way to get there, throwing in a new month’s resolution along the way. January: yoga with Bhanu. March: early Saturday running in the park. May: singing lessons. December: art class.

I tell my clients that this is how people of purpose do it ; they have a grand plan. It has a beginning, a middle and an end. And there’s room for weaving new year narratives in.  Humans can do super things but that doesn’t mean they need to be superheroes; they just do their thing. They write lists. They think. They do. They scratch stuff off their lists and add other things to do.

Planning has given me power and has let me hang up my Captain Marvel costume. And I’ve stopped thinking I’m gonna save the day with salsa.

What helps you to plan and get things done?

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