Per Ardua Ad Astra

Through struggle to the stars

I know, it sounds like something Buzz Lightyear might have said if he had knuckled down to be a Latin Scholar and expanded his linguistic grasp beyond a randy Spanish. Instead he got into scrapes with cowboys, dinosaurs and spud heads. Did you know Per Ardua Ad Astra is actually the motto of the Royal Air Force?

English or Latin, it sums up how many would like to end up viewing the vicissitudes of life; personal or professional. Lounging about in constellations of dreams, the successful would look back on the route they took; its ups and downs. And the earlier they do it, the better. Lucky, successful people; achievement astronauts.

The problem with issue from the Ministry of Metaphor is that images of stars, races, works of art, rockets, journeys get overused and don’t always fit. This is because more often these days, the images of development that are touted to us are usually attached to tales of mediocrity with doubtful talent.  These fill weekend sofas and tv ratings.  Of course, there are stellar performers in the worlds of science, art, sport, humanity’s achievements, and there is much to be gained from these. Most importantly, arguably, is inspiration. To start, continue, and never give up.

As inspiring as a challenging one way trip to a galaxy sounds (whether far, far away and inhabited by Ewoks or not), we at The Enhancer think it’s vital to steer as clear of metaphor as possible and have a grasp of what’s going on for you so that you can get to your best quality thinking and doing. We acknowledge your goals are really your development, just written in the future tense, and help you to realise them in the present.

Talk to us. It’s all within reach. And you won’t need a space helmet.