There is nothing more precious than someone’s full presence when we need it. Thank you very much for that.
You [guys] see me beyond the veil, you’re so great. It’s just beautiful. It’s so good when you have someone who understands you, who looks at you, already knowing the assumptions
…what a privilege it is to have it (coaching)… it’s a fixed point in time to make sense of things. For me, it’s an anchor, a stabiliser… it’s unique and a privilege in the style it’s given with its adaptability, empowering me to be an even more effective part of the organisation…with lots to contribute to new ways of working
Thanks again for the amazing session last week;  powerful words.”
Thanks so much for your support throughout the two years.  I’ll always feel indebted to you.
It’s been a pleasure seeing you, as always… you get me, how I think and work.
Thank you again for a brilliant session last Monday… Your help… has been so encouraging and enlightening. For which I am extremely grateful. This has completely transformed my understanding of this subject; I have found this empowering and liberating. Thank you…
It has been in the direction and focus that has been so extremely encouraging and fulfilling…I am not exaggerating when I say that our sessions really are changing my life. Dyslexia can be very frustrating at times and have a quite significant and wide impact. I am starting to understand these challenges and how to overcome them through the work we are doing together.
I just want to say a massive, massive thank you for all your help…I will forever be grateful for all you’ve done and will do for others like me…I really feel like I can do whatever I want with my life now, and nothing can hold me back!”



Our portfolio of clients includes:

  • private one-to-one clients for executive coaching, neurodiversity or coaching of study skills/personal development.
  • UK universities and FE colleges (study coaching/personal development), FE colleges, local authorities (employability skills) employment training providers (personal development/employability skills), schools (Modern Foreign Languages, personal development), charities (Creative Writing).
  • International work includes working with business clients as a proof-reader/editor/translator and EFL.
  • sub-editing/proofreading and copywriting services for a range of clients including authors (debut novel/PhD), a small web development business and a national IT magazine.